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Happy elderly woman and her daughter

10 Reasons to Contact an Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a specialty within the legal profession that focuses on advocacy for older people and people with special needs. While estate planning is an important aspect of elder law, an elder law attorney is also in a position to help identify and address instances of potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

Family situations can be complex, and conflicts often emerge due to worsening health conditions or poor planning.

Here are 10 examples of reasons to contact an elder law attorney:

  1. Your mother has Alzheimer’s, and you discover that she regularly sends money out-of-state to an unknown person whom she refuses to identify. She has never executed a Power of Attorney and now doesn’t have enough money to pay her bills.
  2. Your father’s dementia is worsening. You’re the appointed agent under his Power of Attorney, but your sister claims that he rescinded the Power of Attorney and executed a new one naming her as the agent. She is now making questionable purchases for herself with Dad’s money.
  3. Your single 55-year-old daughter is schizophrenic and has heart disease. She has now stopped taking all of her medications and can no longer care for herself.
  4. Your uncle set up a trust many years ago, and you have learned that the trustee has been misappropriating funds.
  5. Your elderly parents were co-guardians to your brother, who has cerebral palsy. With your last surviving parent’s passing, there is now no one authorized to act on your brother’s behalf.
  6. Your father has dementia and can no longer take care of himself at home. Despite having a large monthly income, his electricity and water have been turned off three times in the last six months because he doesn’t remember to pay bills. You want to file for guardianship and conservatorship, but your sister has said that she’ll fight you in court because she wants to be guardian and conservator. She’s been taking money from your father for years and can’t hold down a job.
  7. You were appointed guardian of your adult daughter. You have moved to another state and want to transfer the guardianship from your old state of residency.
  8. Your mother suffered a traumatic brain injury in a recent car accident and is facing a long recovery. She is now incapable of completing the sale of several investment properties that are in escrow and expected to close within the next four weeks.
  9. Your father recently passed away without a will. He had several homes, a large brokerage account, and an antique car collection.
  10. Your mother passed away last year and left your two children, ages 5 and 7, $50,000 each in her will. You need counsel about how to proceed.

These are just a few examples of real-life situations that elder law attorneys are skilled at navigating. Weinberg Elder Law can help you find the legal solutions you need to deal with complicated matters and protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.

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