Elder Law & Elder Abuse Protection

Protecting Loved Ones from Elder Abuse, including Financial Exploitation.

Elder abuse cases exist where guardianship or conservatorship and a fiduciary dispute intersect with the criminal statutes. At the center of these cases resides a vulnerable population: an elderly person or an adult with cognitive impairment or other disability. Weinberg Elder Law has developed a special interest in protecting our most vulnerable populations from financial exploitation as well as from neglect and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.
In many respects, Elder Abuse is akin to a hate crime in that the underlying activity usually violates existing criminal law, and additional causes of actions and criminal statutes are available because the crime is committed against this class of vulnerable individuals.
Elder Law & Elder Abuse Protection Services Provided by Weinberg Elder Law Include:
  • Advisement for fiduciaries or other caregivers who have been the subject of claims of abuse.
  • Reconnecting individuals with friends and family when they have been removed from their homes against their will or, because of dementia or other cognitive impairment, do not recognize that they have been removed from their homes and are being isolated from family and friends.
  • Coordinating protective proceedings in multiple states when parties are removed across state lines.
  • Assisting with filing criminal charges against wrongdoers.
  • Filing Petitions to Appoint the Conservator of the Estate of a Missing Person.
  • Filing or Defending Temporary and Permanent Protective Orders.
The solution for rescuing and protecting an individual who has been subject to exploitation and abuse is complex. Through our experience in these matters over the years, we are uniquely qualified to help both individuals who are being abused and the family and friends who want to protect them.
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